Saand Ki Aankh Movie Review: This film is the biography of India’s oldest sharpshooters Chandro Tomar and Prakashi Tomar which gives a good and inspiring message to the audience. The film is in the rural environment of western Uttar Pradesh, so you will also get to see the village atmosphere and social structure in the film. The patriarchal structure of the village and the woes of women facing it will also be seen

Story: Chandro (Bhumi Pednekar) And Prakashi (Taapsee Pannu) Is Deorani-Jethani who does not like the patriarchal society of the village but she has been brought up to such an extent that she adapts herself even in that situation and takes a little time for herself. At the age of 60, Chandro and Prakashi, who live in Johri village, get to know their talent for shooting.

After this, doctor-turned-shooter Doctor Yashpal (Vineet Kumar Singh) helps him. Chandro and Prakashi then win medals in several championships. It is clear that Chandro and Prakashi do not like their family and village men because of this hobby. This is the story of this struggle and the success of Chandro and Prakashi. Saand Ki Aankh ‘.

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Review: Director Tushar Hiranandani has properly explained the structure of village society to the audience from the beginning of the film where women are identified by the color of their dupatta. In a scene, Bhumi comes to her marriage and asks Tapsi to wear a special veil of color in the house so that the men of the house do not get confused between the women. Tapasi and Bhumi are good as shooter grannies who can do anything for their granddaughters and granddaughters. Filmmaker Prakash Jha plays the character of Villan in the film and he is also cast in the role.

The songs of the film ‘Womania’ and ‘Udta Titar’ are already popular and have become good. The dialogues of the film are fine too, but the most you can remember is the prosthetic makeup of Taapsee and Bhoomi. The first half of the film is a little slow but the second half keeps the audience tied up well.

Why watch: If you like the films of women empowerment, motivational and rural environment, then you can watch this film with the whole family.

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