Actress commits suicide by jumping from the apartment in Mumbai, was disappointed after not getting work

A budding actress living in Oshiwara area of ​​Mumbai has committed suicide by locking herself from the terrace of her apartment last night. The name of the deceased is said to be Pearl Punjabi. Pearl’s age is said to be between 22-25 and she was struggling to get work in Bollywood.

It is being told that Pearl Punjabi was trying to enter Bollywood. She also used to do modeling part-time but her dream was to become an actress. She was disappointed due to the lack of work for a long time.

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The guard of the building where Pearl resides told that the incident took place between 12:15 to 12:30. Pearl was also taken to the hospital after the jump. But he died during treatment.

It is being told that Pearl and her mother were in conflict and she was also working at someplace. She had left her home in Mumbai on the insistence of becoming an actress and was looking for opportunities to become an actress here. Family members were also against her going to Bollywood. In such a situation, Pearl was frustrated when work was not found.

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