The famous actress of the past, Sarika has now become a theater producer. She will produce the drama directed by Ira Khan, the daughter of superstar Aamir Khan, whom she treats as her daughter. 

Sarika has started her production house Nautankisa Productions and is joined by her friend Sachin Kamani and her young daughter Akshara. They are already working on a Hindi drama. She is also working with the English drama Euripides Media directed by Ira. Sarika said, ‘We were already in producer mode, because we were working on a Hindi drama. Then Ira called me and said that she wants me to act in her play. I did not want to act, so I offered to produce that drama.

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She further said, ‘Ira is like my own baby girl, so I am very happy to be a part of it. I was very impressed by her perspective and her conviction as a director. 



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