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It has been six years since Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra and Randeep Hooda’s breakup. Both the affair and the breakup caught the attention of people earlier also. Now six years later Neetu has revealed the reason for this breakup. He has revealed the breakup with Randeep.

In conversation with Spotboy, Neetu spoke openly on her relationship with Randeep Hooda. When asked the reason for the breakup, Neetu said that ‘we both respect each other a lot. We are friends and we have a good rapport. Also we have our own priorities. My family and profession mean a lot to me. 

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I lost my father because of cancer. He (Randeep) had different priorities regarding his career and he wanted to move forward and do his work. So sometimes two good people are unable to work together because they are looking for the same thing and due to this, there may be a conflict. ‘

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He further praised Randeep and said, ‘I have learned to take my profession seriously from him. I am thankful to him and also happy that now I have come out of that thing and doing other things. But I respect them a lot and it will never change.

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Neetu said, ‘If you are in a relationship, then you cannot just talk about that relationship because there is another person involved in it. I do not like to discuss on my personal life. I think my work will not be talked about. That’s why I like to do some low but quality work. I will always say that I have learned a lot from my previous relationship. Neetu also told that there was never a fight between the two. He said, ‘Both of us were matured in thinking, so separated.’



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