After Himesh, did Salman really appreciate Ranu Mondal, news of giving the home of 55 lakhs viral

Ranu Mondal, who became famous overnight with a song, would never have imagined that his life would change so much. Ranu was singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ at Mondal station, which was recorded by a person named Atindra Chakraborty and shared it on her social media page. This video went viral on seeing it. The result was that Himesh Reshammiya gave him a chance to sing in his upcoming film. After Himesh, Salman Khan is also reported to have helped him. 

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In fact, such reports are becoming viral on social media that Salman Khan has given Ranu Mondal a luxurious house which is being valued at 55 lakhs. Not only this, but he has also given Ranu a chance to sing in his upcoming film Dabangg 3. 

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Even though this is being said on social media, but there is no official information yet on whether Salman Khan has really helped Ranu or not. Let me tell you that Ranu used to live only by singing a song at Ranaghat station in West Bengal. She was also seen singing by many people but often people ignored him. 

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Now Himesh has given him a chance in the film. Himesh’s next film is Happy Hardy and Heer. In this, Ranu has sung a song called Teri Meri Kahani. Himesh shared a video in which Ranu is recording in the studio. He has Himesh standing by himself and guiding him. 

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Even though Himesh gave Ranu a chance to sing, Salman Khan’s family has a big hand behind it. Yes, Himesh himself revealed this in a show. Himesh said that ‘Salman Uncle, father of Salman bhai, once advised me that whenever you hit a talented person in life, never let him go. He also told me to help that person to progress on his own talent. ‘

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