Bhojpuri Diwali Song: The magic of this Bhojpuri song played on Diwali, the video boom among the fans

Bhojpuri Diwali Song Video: On the occasion of Diwali, a different tone is being seen everywhere in the whole country. The festival season has a bustling atmosphere and the atmosphere is very pleasant. At the same time, many Bhojpuri songs have also been released about Diwali. 

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The special thing is that people are also very fond of these songs. Recently, Bhojpuri song Pataka Le 10 rupees is being heard a lot. The song has received 2,874 views. At the same time, these views are continuously increasing. Please tell that this song is sung by Ustad Bhaskar Yadav. 

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The song Crackers Le Lela 10 Rupees has been written by Rahul Rajput and Ustad Bhaskar. On the other hand, this song from Ustad Bhaskar is from the album Chhath Puja No.1.

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