Bigg Boss 11 fame Lucinda Nicholas’s cool photos raise the temperature, see the killer Bikini pics

Bigg Boss 11 fame Lucinda Nicholas’s BIKINI pics went viral

Salman Khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss always remains the subject of discussion, whether it is running or not !! Now see .. While the news of Bigg Boss 13 has intensified, the pictures of Lucinda Nicholas, seen in the show’s 11th season, are also becoming very viral among the people. Let us show you some pictures of Lucinda Nicholas.

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Australian model is Lucinda Nicholas

People who saw Lucinda Nicholas in Bigg Boss 11 are not aware that she is an Australian model. His photographs always remain the subject of discussion among people, but very few people know that this is his skill.

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Has participated in Bigg Boss 11

Lucinda Nicholas has participated in Salman Khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss 11 but she did not come a long way. Although he entertained a lot of people on the show.

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She has been seen in the Boss with Akshay Kumar

Lucinda Nicholas has appeared in Salman Khan’s show as well as Akshay Kumar’s Boss film. In this film, she did a tremendous dance with Akki.

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Lucinda Nicholas also teaches Yoga

Very few people know about Lucinda Nicholas that she also teaches Yoga. This is also a big secret of his perfect body.

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Started modeling career in the year 2010

Lucinda Nicholas started her modeling career in 2010 and since then she has not looked back. She is constantly touching new levels of success.

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Sign big brands through Sydney shift

In 2010, Lucinda Nicholas started her modeling career but when she shifted to Sydney, her career took a new flight. In Sydney, he signed many big brands.

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She has also done a film with Arjun Rampal

Very few people are aware that Lucinda Nicholas has also done an ad film with Nivia with Bollywood big star Arjun Rampal. She was recognized in the Indian modeling industry because of this ad film.

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Work done in French films

Lucinda Nicholas is a well-known model in the world but she has also worked in French films. This was quite a new experience for him and he enjoyed it a lot.

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There is a tremendous following on Instagram

The fan following of Lucinda Nicholas is not only limited to India but she is also a well-known name in the world. This is why he has a tremendous following on Insta.

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