‘Coolie No.1’ team did such a thing, PM Modi tweeted this thing

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has tweeted for Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan’s upcoming film ‘Coolie No 1’ and this tweet by PM Narendra Modi It is also becoming very viral on social media. The team of ‘Coolie No 1’ announced a few days ago that they will keep their set plastic free. Leader of ‘Coolie No 1) tweeted this and Varun Dhawan tweeted and PM Narendra Modi (PM Modi) also responded to this. This tweet of Varun Dhawan and PM Narendra Modi is becoming very viral on social media.

Varun Dhawan had tagged the PMO, tweeting, ‘becoming a plastic-free nation is the need of the hour and our PM has taken a very big initiative. We can make big changes with small changes. Only steel bottles are being used on the set of Coolie No.1. In this way, he supported the campaign of PM Narendra Modi (PM Modi) in which he is asking the people of the country to avoid using single use plastic.

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PM Narendra Modi’s reply also came on this tweet of Varun Dhawan. PM Modi tweeted: ‘Cool move of Coolie No.1 team. It is heartening to see that the film world is also giving its support towards making a single use plastic free India. Varun Dhawan has responded to this tweet by PM Modi by making an emoji. In this way, these tweets of PM Narendra Modi (PM Modi) and Varun Dhawan are being read very well on social media. 

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