Edits to break the heart in ‘Batla House’: Nikhil Advani

The Delhi High Court has cleared the way for the release of the film ‘Mission Mangal’ starring John Abraham. However, before the release, the High Court has said that some scenes will be removed from the film and certain disclaimers will have to be given. Now director Nikhil Advani has also given his opinion on this matter. 

The film is based on an encounter on 19 September 2008 at Batla House in Jamia Nagar, Delhi. In this case, accused Ariz Khan and Shahzad Ahmed appealed to the court that the film may affect their trial. On this appeal, the Delhi High Court ordered the removal of some scenes after watching the film. 

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Speaking to the Bombay Times recently, Nikhil said, ‘The film has got clearance but at what cost? I had to mute some words and put the disclaimer in the court scene. What I was asked to edit in the film was heartbreaking for me. 

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Nikhil said that it is a matter of relief that all the facts about this incident are present in the public domain. He said, “It seems to the petitioners that if the film affects their trial, they have to change all the facts in the public domain.” Legally we have the right to make films. I wanted to make this film look as real as possible and we have been successful in it to a great extent. 

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