Exercise your face and stay beautiful for many days

Many people do bodybuilding to reduce body fat. But do you do anything to reduce facial fat? In most cases, the answer is ‘no’. Because many are not aware of facial exercises. But reducing facial fat is the easiest. Mouth exercises can be performed anywhere, sitting or standing. You can easily reduce age on the way to work or if you have a short break at the workspace.

For jawline

The platinum muscle along the shoulder covers the jawline. When the structure of this muscle is relaxed, it can be seen that the layers of the skin on the neck. Five minutes of exercise a day is enough to make the neck and jawline beautiful. 

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Shake your head back. The eyes are on the ceiling. In this case, the tongue should touch the Tigra. One to five times to return to normal. The neck muscles will be tense. But that will strengthen the muscle structure. This exercise can be done five times.

To reduce the double chin

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Although many people have a degenerate body, Double Chin has problems. Shake the upper lip with the lower lip, shaking your head backward. Then try to spread the outer side of the lip as much as possible. At this time pull the neck muscles upward with the palm of your two hands. If you have a sore throat, stop. Do it again In this way, you should do this exercise three to four times a day. Within a month, the result will be in the hands.

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Facial Exercise

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Facial exercises can be done to show cheek muscle tension and chills. For this, pull the air through your mouth and swallow your mouth (like balloon inflation). This time, let the air run through the nose. This way you have to practice eight to ten times a day. 

Avoid folding the skin on the forehead

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Avoid walking around with a question mark on the irrepressible forehead. Rather, try to widen your eyes as much as possible without folding your forehead. The skin on the forehead will be tighter and thicker. Do this exercise eight to ten times twice a day.

Eyebrow exercises

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Who does not like to bend the eyebrows? But it is important for her to be well organized. For this, press the eyebrows with two fingers and lift them upwards and count five to seven. It would also be nice to see eyebrows.

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For beautiful eyes

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• Closing one eye to reduce the ink or scar under the eye, keep the other eye closed. Repeat 20 to 25 times a day. It will also have good eyesight. The Dark Circle will be reunited.

• The frozen fit will be eliminated in this exercise. The eyelashes should be raised upwards, keeping the eyes open. Do it this way 25 times. You will get results within a month.

• Try opening your eyes by keeping nasal and inferior under the eyes and the forearm and middle. You should also try to close your eyes when trying to open your eyes with a finger. It will tighten the muscles of the eyes.

• Close your eyes by opening your finger on the bones of the ends of the two eyes. Wait eight to ten times and wait five minutes. Close your eyes again.

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Cheek exercises

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• If you want to focus on the cheekbone, hold the cheeks for two minutes inside the mouth and hold for a minute. Leave it Drag the cheek the same way again. Do this five times. The cheekbone will be more visible as it enters the cheek.

• Massage the face well at least twice a day. You can massage yourself with light oil or moisturizer.

Much to gain

• Exercise of the mouth will not make the skin smooth.

• There will be skin tension. Blood circulation is also good.

• At the same time, the muscle structure of the skin is good.

• Do not feel tired. As a result, the skin will be age-restricted. 

This time you must realize that exercising does not require too much time or effort. So from where you are sitting, you can start with facial exercises. Within a month you will get the fruits in the hatchet. Facial exercises also improve blood circulation in the skin. As a result, skin irritation also increases manifold.

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