Office Tips: These 5 Essential Habits in the Office, Avoiding Heart Disease

Heart diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. One fact is that we can prevent 80% of deaths due to heart disease, all we have to do is control the risk factors, such as smoking tobacco, avoiding harmful health conditions and One place to stay away for a long time, etc. About 60% of the time we spend awake in a day is spent working in our office. Therefore, we need to promote some good habits at our workplace so that the prevention of heart diseases is possible.

According to research, regular exercise and nutritious eating can have a positive impact on stress management and every human body activity. In this way, the health of the workers at home can be maintained throughout the day.

Must check once a year

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With screening every year, heart disease can be diagnosed in a timely manner. High blood pressure and cholesterol can adversely affect the heart system. With regular checkups you can know when to take what action? It helps in successfully preventing heart diseases. Foods sold in canteens such as promoting good habits may have to be leveled so that the employee knows how much calories he is consuming. It is very important that food, fruits, vegetables, etc. are available in the canteen.

Playing games is a good alternative

Encourage employees to exercise during breaks. Having a gym, tennis court, etc. on the workplace keeps employees active in regular exercise and sports. Companies need to have sports competitions like cricket, tennis or marathon every 6 months. It motivates employees to be physically active and also to raise team spirit.

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Add fiber to lunch

Instead of eating out, take your lunch box home. Having a high amount of fiber in food will reduce the calories in your diet and it is good for your stomach. Avoid sugary snacks during break time. Always carry a proven grain snack office such as oats, nuts and barracks. Including 10 grams of fiber in your diet daily can help you reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 17 percent.

Stay active and keep going

Take a leisurely stroll after lunch. Use stairs instead of lifts. If the distance to the home or office is not too far from the bus stand, take a short walk beforehand. In addition, keep walking to the workstation.

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Be positive

People with positive thinking have a 9% lower chance of developing heart disease compared to those with negative thinking. It reduces the incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stress. These efforts will have far-reaching consequences and reduce the burden of developing heart disease in the country while keeping the hearts of those working in the office healthy.

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