How Grylls understood Modi’s Hindi in Man vs Wild, PM himself opened the secret

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared with Bayer Grylls on 12 August in a special episode of Discovery Channel’s famous show ‘Man vs Wild’. The show was the most trending television event in the world. In the show, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bayer Grylls shared their experiences, as well as an adventure at Jim Corbett Park. After the show was telecast, one of the questions kept in mind that during the entire show, PM Modi kept talking in Hindi, then how did Bear Grylls, who understands English, understand him?

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PM Modi himself has given the answer to this question. He told that many people wanted to know how Bear Grylls understood Hindi. People asked if the show was edited, or whether the show was shot multiple times. Technology played an important role between me and Bayer Grylls. A cordless device was attached in the ear of Bear Grylls, which was translating Hindi into English very soon.

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The show made this record

Let me tell you, the special episode of ‘Man vs Wild’ telecasted on August 12 was seen not only in the country but also abroad. This show will become the most-watched show in the world. While giving information about this, Bear Grylls shared a post on Instagram. He wrote The episode of Man vs Wild with PM Modi was officially the most trending television event in the world. 3.6 billion. It has also beaten the Super Ball event which has 3.4 billion social impressions. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the show.

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PM Modi gave a message of environmental protection through the show

Significantly, during this show, many interesting stories were shared between Grylls and PM Modi. Grylls told PM Modi that Jim Corbett is a very dangerous area. On this, PM Modi replied that if you struggle with nature, if you are against nature then you will find everything dangerous. Then you will also find humans dangerous. But if you are with nature, love it and try to save it, then wild animals also support you. During this show, PM Modi Environment also talked about security and told why it is important for humans to survive. He also kept this message that how important is the protection of the environment for the coming generation, and human beings should think about humanity beyond their selfishness.

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