Justin Bieber disclosed, said – Due to addiction to drugs, thought of committing suicide

Many of his friends, including Miley Cyrus and Ed Sheeran, have come out in support after he was revealed by Justine Bieber from his days of struggle to fame and then to be surrounded by ‘drug addiction’.

Earlier this week, the singer of ‘Sorry’, through a post on Instagram, spoke about her initial struggles and the mental and physical stress of becoming a global star at the age of 13, which led to her addiction to drugs. With this, thoughts of committing suicide started coming.

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Celebrities like Sheeran, Cyrus, Sin Kingston and Khloe Kardashian commented on her post. Some of them thanked him for sharing his story, while some expressed love and support to him.

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Cyrus commented, “Be friends from the beginning, stay till the end.”

Khloe wrote, “It is very beautiful. Thank you. We are proud of you. May God always bless you.”

At the same time Kingston wrote, “Thank you friend for this revelation. May God bless you always, my younger brother.”

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Bieber spoke about his struggle as a child star through the post. He admitted that all his relationships deteriorated at the age of 19 due to taking more drugs. He wrote that, “Along with expressing anger at women, I started insulting them. I got away from everyone who loved me.”

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Bieber gained popularity at the age of 13 through YouTube. Soon he became millions of fans.

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