Kareena Kapoor does not like this a habit of Saif Ali Khan at all

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are the most lovable couples in Beetown. The way this couple supports each other is also an inspiration for other couples. Though there is a lot of good understanding between these two, but Saif has a habit that Kareena Kapoor does not like at all.

During a chat show, when Kareena was asked which habit of Saif she disliked the most, Kareena replied that her husband’s first reaction to everything is ‘No’. If anything is said to him, he first refuses it and he does not like it.

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Giving an example about this, Kareena said, ‘If I tell Saif if I get the couch rebuilt, there will be no first answer. After about three hours, he will message me and say that yes you should get the sofa made again. Kareena said that on receiving such a message, ‘My reaction is that when I am saying before you, why do you refuse’.

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Kareena also spoke during the conversation about what her family does on a typical evening at Pataudi House. He told that his living room is filled with books and paintings because Saif likes them. At the same time, he also cooks three days a week. Candles are lit during dinner. Saif loves to appear on the dining table and prim and proper.

Kareena Kapoor

The actress said that this is a good time for her family to join. During this time they talk to each other about many things.

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