Know why Kangana Ranaut inspires Taapsee Pannu

Both film actress Taapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut do not miss a chance to sarcasm at each other. Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel called Taapsee Pannu a cheap copy, after which Taapsee is not leaving any chance to target Kangana. However, this time Taapsee has admitted that Kangana Ranaut inspired him to speak his mind. Taapsee, who recently appeared on the cover of a magazine, has shared a video on her Instagram account. In response to a question in this video, Taapsee has said this. 

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In the video, Taapsee was asked a question about what his Feminism meant and what inspired him the most was the three female icons in Bollywood. While answering this question, Tapasi named three people, of which Kangana was also one.

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Tapasi said, ‘Feminism for me means getting equal opportunities. So if I want to be a good feminist, I would like to contribute to society in such a way that we all have full opportunity to show our talent and get what we should get. ‘ 

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Talking about female icons in Bollywood, Taapsee took the first name of Priyanka Chopra. He said, ‘I think what Priyanka has done for herself is fantastic.’ Taking another name Kangana, the actress said, “She speaks without thinking of anyone.” At the same time, Taapsee took the third name of Anushka and said that she is very honest.

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