Is Neha Kakkar in Depression? Speech – Do not disturb anyone so much that he may take his own life ‘

New Delhi: Neha Kakkar, who played the magic of her beautiful voice in Bollywood, has once again been badly hurt by rumors. Neha is in the limelight due to reports of vigorous pressure from the Indian Idol-10 show. Recently Neha wrote an emotional message on the news saying that she was not physically and mentally well.

Neha Kakar is very active on social media and keeps giving her fans every update. Recently, Neha has appealed to people in the Insta Story section of her social media not to disturb her. In this post, Neha wrote, “At the time of writing this post, I am not in a perfect state of mind, neither mental nor physical. But I have to speak again. ‘

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‘Do you know that they have no idea that I am someone’s daughter and sister? I worked hard all my life to make my family and everyone feel proud, neither my friends nor my family.

Why do people spread the unspoken rumors about how this will affect one’s life? If there is a celeb, then he is a human being first. Don’t be so cruel, don’t talk about someone’s personal life and its character, don’t judge, don’t embarrass people. ‘

Next Neha writes. Do not let someone get under stress. If you are a brother and father to someone, will you do the same to your daughter and sister? Do not let anyone feel badly that they are thinking about taking their own life. Please stop. ‘

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However, Neha has made two more posts after this, in which she states that she will be fine soon. Let us tell you that nowadays Neha Kakkar’s name is being associated with Indian Idol’s Constant View.

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