‘The Kapil Sharma’ show comedian Kiku Sharada is in ‘Bali’ on holiday these days. But something happened to Kiku in Bali that he could hardly forget. Recently, Kiku has shared a strange story by sharing a photo from his Twitter handle. Actually the whole thing was that Kiku shared his tea and coffee bill in Bali on social media. Kiku wrote, ‘I had to pay 78, 650 for a cup of coffee and tea in Indonesia, but I am not holding anyone responsible for it because inflation has increased so much’. If you convert this money into Indian currency, then it will be only 400 rupees.

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Right now Kiku Sharda has returned to India but people are commenting on this post on social media. In the post that Kiku has shared, you can see that Kiku had to pay 30 thousand rupees for a cup of tea and 35 thousand rupees for a cappuccino. In total, instead of a cup of tea and coffee, Kiku has paid a hefty bill of 78,650. Kiku shared the photo of the bill and wrote, “My bill is Rs 78,650 for a cappuccino and a tea.

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Let us tell you that this is not the first sentence, even before the celebs have to pay a large amount for small food and drink items. Let me tell you that recently, actor Rahul Bose also shared such a strange post. Rahul stayed at the Five Star Hotel in Chandigarh where he had to pay Rs 442 for two bananas, after which Rahul posted the hotel bill. After which the hotel received a lot of notoriety on social media. Currently, Kiku has returned to India after the holidays.



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