People living alone are intelligent! Research revealed

People living alone or being less active on social media seem a bit boring to see, but these people have an interesting feature. The research has revealed that people who keep reserves themselves, ie less soluble people are more intelligent. This research has been done by the World Economic Forum.

This research has been done on more than 15 thousand people between 18 and 28 years. Some special questions and answers related to his life were also done in this research. How much they like to meet people or how much population lives around them, some such questions were asked in research.

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The research found that such people do not like more crowds. More people feel suffocated in the middle and they do not adapt themselves to that environment. According to research, most intelligent people get less satisfaction by being constantly connected with friends.

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There can be many reasons for these people to remain in reserve. Perhaps intellectual people believe more in focusing on their work. The second reason may also be that they need to recharge themselves like introverted people.

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