Did you know the first comic superhero?

Phantom is a novel character in the world of American comics. The kids love it. Significantly, the Phantom is a normal human being, but with his power and quick mind, he defeats the bad guys. 

The first superhero 

Although there have been many superheroes in the world of cartoons and comics, Phantom is considered to be the first superhero. Phantom was the first to end crime. The difference between the Phantom and the other superheroes is that they have no superpowers. He is a normal human being. 21st Century New Phantom is also fighting against evil. He is stepping up his father’s work. One of the theater directors who created the Phantom of the Phantom was Lee Doc, for whom comics were a passion. 

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In ancient times there were characters like Robinhood and Hercules. Jake gave some of these character’s comics to the Phantom comic character for comics. She was named after wearing a skin-tight dress with a mask – Phantom. The Phantom comic character was first published in February 1936 by the creator of the magical Mandrake. 

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The story of the Phantom 

According to its story, the crime fighting of the phantom began in 1536.Christopher Walker’s father was a British sailor who was attacked and killed by pirates. At that time, he promised that he would eliminate all criminals. The legacy of Christopher-initiated ‘The Phantom’ has been passed down from father to son for generations. 

Phantom of the Phantom 

Like the other superheroes, the Phantom, which does not have many superpowers, has a superpowered body, but the fast-paced brain makes the Phantom different from other superheroes. 

Talking about Phantom’s famous comics, “The Sky Band”, “The Diamond Hunters”, “Little Tommy”, “The Prisoner of the Himalayas”, “The Shakers Nest”, “Fishers of Pillars”, “The Slave Traders” The Golden Circle, “The Game of Sunday”, The Phantom Goes to War, have been popular.

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