Rangoli Chandel photo

Actress Kangana Ranaut’s love for Sari is well known. Recently she was seen at the airport in a simple cotton sari of 600 rupees. Kangoli’s sister Rangoli Chandel, who is always active on social media, shared a picture of Kangana on Twitter and also gave full information about Kangana’s sari. 

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Rangoli Chandel had tweeted, “Kangana, wearing a 600 rupees sari from Kolkata, left for Jaipur. When she bought this saree, she was surprised to know that such good cotton is available in such a small amount. It is heartbreaking how hard our people work and how little they get in return. Please support your country before international products. Indian weavers. ‘

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It was only after this tweet that many users started pointing towards Kangana’s luxurious bag and blazer. One commented, ‘Why Prada’s bag with 600 saris? Absolutely hypocritical. ‘ At the same time, another user called Kangana’s sister (Rangoli Chandel) a liar. 



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