Ranu Mandal got home not from Salman Khan but from elsewhere

After the singing offer from Ranu Mondal to Himesh Reshammiya, Salman Khan gifted him a house of 55 lakh rupees. You must have also bumped into this news. But this news is not true. Yes, they have found a home, but they did not meet Salman Khan. This fact has been revealed by Atindra Chakraborty, who made a viral video of Ranu Mandal. After Ranu became a celebrity, Atindra is now looking after his manager.

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In a conversation with Chakravarti Hindustan Times, Atindra told the news that he got home from Salman Khan is completely false. He said, ‘The news of Salman giving a house of 55 lakhs is false. I have been receiving thousands of calls ever since the rumor has cropped up. But neither has he got an opportunity to sing in Dabangg 3 and neither has Salman given any house. The house which Ranu Mandal has got has been built by the local administration of Ranaghat. 

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Atindra called the news of Dabangg 3’s offer wrong. But expressing his happiness and excitement, he said that Ranu is getting many offers from Bollywood, Bengali, South Indian film industry. Not only this, Ranu got a call from AR Rahman’s office too. Sonu Nigam has also expressed a desire to work with Ranu. Atindra said, Ranu ji is also getting live performance offers. Right now we are focusing on all these offers.

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Between the sudden fame and love, Ranu needs some help in handling everything. They are doing this work for them. Ranu said, it is good to see that people are loving me and are expressing their desire to work with me. I have given the responsibility to see this work to Atindra. It is a little difficult for me to understand all this at this age. I do not even have a phone. He is showing me the way. He is like my son.

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