Religion and science are not against each other: Vidya Balan

Actress Vidya Balan, who has played leading roles in successful commercial films like ‘Dirty Picture’ and ‘Bhul Bhulaiya’, believes that religion and science are not against each other, but they can coexist.

They believe that a person can have many identities, but the problem comes when religion is interpreted as it is being done today.

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She was talking to PTI-language about her character played in the recently released Bollywood film Mission Mangal. This character is of a woman scientist who is afraid of God.

She said that the way religion is told today, there is a problem in it. She knows many people who feel ashamed to call themselves religious and she herself is one of them. She always feels that she should not say that she is religious.

There is a lack of feeling of being ‘we’. She said that religion has happened or has become such a negative belief that being religious means being intolerant. Vidya said that the debate of ‘I versus you’ has increased due to which the talk of ‘we’ is becoming less.

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This actress said that it is not only about our country that this is happening all over the world. There is a lack of feeling of being ‘we’.

Speaking on the beaten-language, She said on the question asked on the relationship of nationalism and cinema, “This feeling (nationalism) can happen in cinema and not in cinema hall.”

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The film is released on Independence Day and stars Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, Nitya Menon and Kirti Kulhari. The film is based on India’s Mission Mangalyaan.

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