Video: Salman Khan gets angry at the act of female fans

Salman Khan has a tremendous fan following, which is why whenever he spots, people become desperate to take a photo with him. However, many times in this round, fans do something that causes Salman’s mercury to rise. Recently, it happened when Salman Khan came to attend an event.

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In the video surfaced on social media, Salman Khan is seen surrounded by media and fans. The bodyguards and security guards have been seen to be protecting them the most. During this, a female fan comes from behind and grabs Salman by the arm. Seeing him doing this, the Security Guard immediately takes the fan away from him and rescues Salman’s arm.

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Salman was seen getting angry at this act of fan. His angry expression was captured in the camera on the spot. However, within a few seconds, he also became normal and most of all started smiling.

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This is not the first time Salman has shown such displeasure. He has fallen victim to the craziness of the fans many times, on which he has even scolded the fans himself for some matters.

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