Salman Khan will also be banned due to this mistake?

A few days ago, Mika Singh gave a performance in Pakistan, after which he was being opposed in India. They have now been opposed by the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA). In Mumbai yesterday, the organization protested fiercely against Mika Singh and demanded that he be banned in Bollywood, as well as appealed to Bollywood stars not to work with Mika. According to a media report, if any other artist works with Mika, he will also be banned. Meanwhile, another news related to this case has come out. According to the news, Salman Khan is going to have an event with Mika Singh. After this news, it is now being speculated that if Mika becomes part of this event of Salman, then he too can be banned here. 

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According to media reports Salman Khan is going to do an event in Houston with his brother Sohail Khan which also features Mika Singh Can participate. For this event named ‘Up and Close’ with Salman Khan, Salman will perform in 6 different cities of America. The event is being organized in India in association with Jordy Patel of Sohail Khan’s event management company JA Events. It is also being organized in the US by an event manager named Bhavesh Patel. It is now reported that Mika Singh can take part in the event in Houston. 

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WICE General Secretary Ashok Dubey explained the ban to Mid Day. He said, ‘If we ban someone, it means that all our technician staff – including actors, directors and spot boys too – will not work with Mika. During this ban, if anyone works with Mika, whether Salman Khan or anyone, he will also be banned. ‘ About this ban being applied to tours outside India, Dubey said, “Be it an organizer of US or any other country, we cannot stop anyone from doing an event.” Our policy is simple – we will not work with the person who is banned.

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