Movie Review: How Akshay-Richa’s ‘Section 375’

In Bollywood, not only romance-drama drama films are being made, but now such issues are also being discussed which are deeply connected to the society. There have been films in the past that discuss about Indian law and the Constitution. Recently, Ayushman Khurana’s ‘Article 15’ discusses caste discrimination, while Manoj Bajpayee’s ‘Aligarh’ discusses ‘section 377’ of Indian law which is designed for matters like homosexuality.


The story of the film is of a movie director who is accused by a costume designer who worked in his film. The director gets punishment from the lower court and is sent to jail. After this, the hearing of the case starts in the High Court where the matter comes openly in front of the media and the public. The case is advocated by two highly talented lawyers in which the role of public prosecutorRicha Chadha And the character of defense lawyer Akshay Khanna Are playing


Film Section 375 an attempt has been made to show the same story from two different perspectives. Along with this, you will also get to see how annoying and cumbersome legal action is in the normal way. The corruption shown in the film and laxity in the legal investigation gives it a real touch. The film’s courtroom drama manages to captivate the audience.

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Director Ajay Bahl has taken up sensitive cases like rape in a very strict manner. Akshaye Khanna plays the whole film and plays his character in the best way. Akshay will make you look great in every scene. Richa Chadha has done full justice to her character and she too does not seem weak in front of Akshay. Rahul Bhatt, Meera Chopra are also good in the supporting cast.

Artists; Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha, Meera Chopra, Rahul Bhatt
Director; Ajay Bahl
Movie Type; Drama, Thriller
Duration; 2 hours 4 minutes

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