Shahrukh opened his mouth to imagine the next picture

For many days, the only question has been wandering in the minds of fans of SRK, when will Shahrukh-Magic be seen on the big screen again? There is speculation as to what his next film is. This time Shah Rukh Khan himself opened the matter.

In a recent television interview, King Khan said, “I am not planning to do any photo at all.” However, in a film that he has not yet signed, Bollywood Don clearly states.

What kind of pictures does he want? Shah Rukh said he intends to film the action. Then, Shahrukh said, “If anyone is looking for a script for an action picture, then send me two lines in my Twitter handle.”

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Shahrukh-Katrina starrer ‘Zero’ was released in December last year. This film directed by Anand Rai fell face down at the box office. King Khan was widely criticized after the release of that film. About eight months after that, Shah Rukh was not seen on the big screen. Maldives came to SRK recently because of a new photo plan. Pictures of those moments were also posted on Twitter recently.

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