Social Media (Again) Shown To Be Worse For Girls’ mental state Than Boys’

Everyone is aware of the wrong impact of social media on the youth and the depression it causes. A recently published research has revealed that social media has a more negative impact on girls than boys. For this, about ten thousand children between the ages of 13 and 16 years were interviewed.

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Russell Winer, the co-author of this research, said that the use of social media does not have a significant effect, but through continuous use it affects our activities that are important for the body such as sleep and exercise. At the same time, new age children are also victims of wrong content and cyber bullying. The highest number of cases of cyberbullying were reported in girls. After that, due to social media, there was the talk of not sleeping and exercising.

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revealed in this research that 60 percent of girls had mental problems due to low sleep and cyberbullying. At the same time, 12 percent of the boys had to go through mental turmoil due to this. Experts say that sleep can be overcome with good sleep and exercise.

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Use of the Internet affects parts of our brain and our ability to pay attention and remember. According to this research published in the journal World Psychiatry, the internet can trap our brain permanently and temporarily. Researchers from Oxford University and Howard University have done this research together. 

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In this research, it has been seen how the use of the internet affects the shape, work and development of a human mind. According to this research, the use of the internet affects our brain work in many ways. For example, our habit of constantly checking notifications always keeps our attention divided, and gradually our ability to pay attention decreases.

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Researchers said that there is a need to ensure that other activities such as children playing, exercising and meeting people are not affected by spending time on the Internet. It also requires talking to children about how they spend time online. This can protect them from crimes like cyber bullying, exploitation. 

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