New Delhi; Bollywood actress and Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is in the news these days due to her boyfriend Rohman Shah. Often she shares beautiful pictures and videos of herself and Rohman with her fans. Recently a video of him has appeared in which he is seen doing acro yoga very beautifully.

Actress Sushmita Sen shared a video of herself and Rohman from her official Instagram account, writing, ‘Strength, flexibility, form and balance may be there but still it is impossible to do without faith, you are lucky Rohman, I am behind you Bow down, really, I know you’ve got me ‘.

In this video, it is seen that Sushmita Sen is doing acro yoga with Rohman in a very flexible way, Sushmita’s full weight is on Rohman and both are maintaining balance quite well. Sushmita often shares photos and videos with her boyfriend and her daughters.

During an event in Hyderabad, Sushmita told that there is a very good bond between her daughters and her boyfriend. Recently she went to the Maldives to celebrate her elder daughter Rene’s 20th birthday, from where she shared many beautiful moments with her fans. During this time he also learned to skin dive.

Sushmita adopted daughter René at the age of just 24, at that time she was in her career highs, after which she adopted Alisha. These days she is dating model Rohman Shaul. Sushmita is often seen spending workouts and quality time with her boyfriend.



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