Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is playing different types of characters in Bollywood. Taapsee is known for speaking her mind with as much bravery as she has chosen her characters. Now Taapsee’s next film ‘ Mission Mangal ‘ is ready for release. She will once again be seen in Akshay Kumar in this film . 

Taapsee, who recently celebrated her 32nd birthday, said she never felt the need to hide her age. She said, ‘Some people hide their age because people will say that they have become old. As an actor, I do not care whether I am 32 or 42 until I am able to play a character who is 25 years old. ‘

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Talking about ‘Mission Mangal’, Taapsee said, ‘I know that there is a debate that this is a female-oriented film and that’s why Akshay Kumar has been given more prominence in its poster. The issue is whether you are willing to spend as much money to watch our film as Akshay Kumar’s film or will you wait for it to be released on the web platform. ‘ 

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Taapsee further said, ‘It is a fact that if you see the collection of the opening of 5 heroines film (Mission Mangal), then it will not stop anywhere in front of Akshay sir’s films. Even if we are not in 5 films, maybe the business of the film does not matter so much. Akshay sir is on one side and we cannot get 5 even equal to his star value. 

Taapsee, who has been giving films like ‘Pink’, ‘Mulk’, ‘Manmarziyaan, ‘Badla’, ‘Game Over’ followed by ‘Mission Mangal’ and then ‘Bull’s Eye’, said, ‘Someone with me There is no complaint about how I am getting rolls and there is also no complaint about how much money I am getting. The only problem I have is that we are not paid as much as a hero. The entire fee of a hero is as much as any female-oriented film. On that too, I am told that you charge a little less, these things look a bit bad. ‘ 

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He further said, “If your role in a film is not equal to the role of a man, if not more, then who among the biggest stars would be someone who would like to work with you. If a female-oriented film, then no big star wants to work in it. These things bother me. Apart from this, if I see myself, then I am in the best phase of my career. 

(Based on a conversation with Renuka) 


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