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Studies have revealed that the practice of sexting (pornographic messages related to sex, photos or video chat) is increasing among teenagers all over the world. According to a study published in JAMA this year, many mental health risks are also associated with sexting and education camps should give full information about this to the youth. Therefore, warn your teenager about its hidden dangers.

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If you are avoiding talking to the child about relationship and sex, do it immediately. Include sexting in this discussion. First do proper research about it yourself and tell them with examples so that they do not just feel ‘knowledge’ about you.

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Tell the
children serious consequences if they have peer pressure or are seen doing so by their peers, then it is bad because they may regret it later. Tell the children that even if their friends say that they will not show their private photos to anyone and ask for something like that, tell them immediately.

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Explain the reality of the virtual world to
your children and explain how the technology works. At some point, if they send something that should not be sent, then this step cannot be taken back. Tell them that these photos and messages may also fall into the wrong hands.

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Become friends
treat children with gentleness and give them time to share their talks with you. Explain to them everything like a friend, how a step was taken in a joke can make fun of them in front of thousands of unknown people.


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