This actor, who gave only 1 hit film in 18 years, and charge per film in crores

Not knowing how many people come to Bollywood every day with dreams of becoming superstars, here most of the people bring with them the desire to earn money along with it, but on the other hand there are some actors who did not for money but their grief For this he stepped into the world of Bollywood, he has no shortage of money, apart from this, there are many actors who may not have done wonders in the acting world, but Neco is no shortage of supply to members.

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These actors are known not by their work but by their looks and rule in the hearts of people. One such actor is Bobby Deol. Bobby Deol did not give you a special hit, but people like him, and Bobby Deol has crores of property.

In his time, Bobby Deol was a superhero, and people were his style lovers, his long hair and the tall saddle was his favorite, saying Yu is considered a superhit hero of the 90s, but his career grew in the last 18 years. There have been ups and downs, and only one of his films has been a hit. Since 2002, he has done a total of 31 films since the film ‘Badal’, but only one film ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ was a hit in these films, but it has not affected his life and money, Even today, they take fees in crores.

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Yes, Bobby Deol still takes 3 crores of a film. While today he comes on the flop list, Bobby Deol took a fee of 3 crores for the film ‘Race-3’ released last year. Bobby Deol’s assets are around 205 crores.

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