New Delhi: Actor Anil Kapoor is among the Bollywood stars who have given more than one superhit movies in Bollywood. There was also an era in Bollywood in which Anil Kapoor used to be considered a superhit. But there was a time in Anil’s life when he was craving for a hit film. Recently, Anil has shared an interesting anecdote of his life. Anil shared a photo, and told about this photo that it is 36 years old photo and it is from that film that changed my life.

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A Twitter handle named Movies N Memories shared a photo recalling Anil Kapoor’s 36-year-old film ‘Woh Saat Din’. Also written in it- ‘Anil Kapoor in the film Woh Saat Din (1983) with Mast Raju, it was a very special film of Anil Kapoor’s career.’ Anil Kapoor wrote a highly emotional post recalling his struggle days, retweeting Movies N Memories.

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Anil Kapoor wrote – ‘I was only working from 1977 to 1983. I was struggling every moment to show my acting brilliantly, not only that, it used to be going on in my mind all the time that I just got a chance. I got an opportunity to do all these things in this film “That 7 Days”, which changed my life. Since then, all my dreams have come true. 



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