This is why Vidya Balan does not work with her husband

Vidya Balan is currently one of the most talented actresses in Bollywood. Recently Vidya’s film ‘ Mission Mangal ‘ has been released which has been well liked by the audience. Vidya has given many hits but she has not yet acted on any of her producer husband Siddharth Roy Kapoor ‘s films. 

Recently Vidya explained why she is reluctant to work in her husband’s film. According to Vidya, if she has any problem then she can argue with her producer or director but she cannot do it with Siddharth.

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Vidya also believes that she also does not want to work in her husband’s films because she cannot spoil the relationship with her husband. He also told that it has happened many times that while Siddharth and Vidya liked a script but either of them left it. Vidya also said that she cannot negotiate with her husband about her wages. 

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