Cape Horn is a Chilean island, a legendary 424 m high rock that marks the boundary between the Atlantic and the Pacific. It is considered the most dangerous marine passage in the world. Apart from a few days a year, it is the prey of many storms, icebergs and giant waves up to 30m high. More than 800 ships were shipwrecked by wanting to double Cape Horn.

At the top of the rock stands a statue made of pieces of metal from ships. On the base, a poem by Sara Vial: “I am the albatross who will wait for you until the end of time. I am the forgotten soul of all the dead sailors wanting to double Cape Horn. “


Located in southwestern Namibia, this coastal desert is considered the oldest in the world. It has been subjected to arid conditions for over 55 million years!

The Namib Desert is an immense field of dunes that takes in places an orange color, due to the oxidation of the sand trains. These dunes can reach up to 300 m high and are among the largest on the planet.

Virtually uninhabited, the Namib Desert is home to many reptiles and small rodents. It is in this desert that one also finds welwitschia, a rare plant which sports very long leaves and which can live up to 2500 years !


The mild climate, lagoons lined with corals, multicolored underwater wildlife, sandy beaches, coconut trees and tropical fruits, turquoise waters at 28 ° C … Welcome to Maldives!

Located in South-West Asia, in the Indian Ocean, the 1,120 islands of the archipelago , of which 202 are inhabited, do not exceed 2km² each.

During their trip, tourists can hop from island to island aboard a dhoni, the traditional boat; drink a kurumba , a refreshing coconut juice or dance the bodu beru , the traditional folklore of the Maldivians. But they must especially explore the beautiful seabed in search of lion fish, manta ray or scorpion fish.

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For sure one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world but for how much longer? As beautiful as they are, the islands of the Maldives are threatened with extinction . As the sea level increases, the Republic of Maldives may well disappear under water at the end of the century!


In the heart of the western Indian Ocean, lies a small paradise: the Seychelles. This archipelago is composed of 115 islands of granite and coral, with legendary beauty.

Inhabited for only 250 years, the Seychelles Islands remain intact today . In this archipelago, nature is queen! You can see the largest turtle of earth, the smallest frog in the world, the white-throated rattle (the only bird of the Indian Ocean unable to fly) or the jellyfish tree of which only 8 copies remain.

Seychelles is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Vallée de Mai where the famous Coco de Mer grows; and Aldabra , the largest coral atoll emerged in the world.

Finally, during the stay, it is essential to honor the Seychellois gastronomy . Freshly caught, the fish is eaten grilled with rice or eggplant puree. For a more unusual dish, order a dogfish curry (bat) …


Norway is commonly known as the “Land of the Fjords”.

Indeed, the very deep glacial valleys are numerous and spectacular. Depending on the weather, the inland waters, which are not very salty, may be turquoise, golden or emerald.

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Two of the Norwegian fjords have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 2005.

The Naerofjord is one of the narrowest northern arms in the world: 250 m wide . It is surrounded by huge mountains that reach up to 1,800 m altitude .

The Geirangerfjord is famous for its landscapes . You can admire the intense blue of the gentian, a famous flower of the region, meet a golden eagle or a peregrine falcon, and observe the many breathtaking waterfalls such as the Seven Sisters or the Veil of the Bride.

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At an altitude of 3776 meters, Mount Fuji is the highest point in Japan. This national symbol has an almost perfectly symmetrical cone shape that makes it one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world. But under its peaceful appearance hides a working volcano , under surveillance (scientists believe there is a low eruptive risk). At the base of Mount Fuji is a region of caves, lakes and waterfalls, which offer beautiful natural landscapes.

The winter months can be very tough at the top, sometimes reaching -25 ° C . That’s why, even if the climb is possible all year, it is recommended to go there only in July and August. The ideal is to arrive at the summit at dawn, when the sun rises … Magic!


Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Udaipur (where was shot Octopussy, a famous James Bond): at all times, the great cities of Rajasthan have made the traveler dream. Located in northwestern India, the province of Rajasthan is a legacy of the ancient princely states of the country, nicknamed the ” Land of Kings “.

This legendary country has huge buildings of Mughal architecture, dazzling palaces of maharajahs from the highest Indian nobility , and thousands of sacred places. In Pushkar, for example, there are more than 400 temples !

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It is also in this sacred city that, during the full moon of November, takes place the largest camel fair in the world … Yet the sacred animal of Rajasthan remains the cow. It is present everywhere, even in the heart of cities, where sometimes puny animals survive thanks to the generosity of Hindus …


The Himalayas … This is the largest (600,000 km²), the highest (8,000m) and the longest (2,400km) mountain range on Earth.

In 1998, the singer Alain Chennevière wrote: “It is in the Himalayas that we find the steepest slopes, the deepest valleys, the largest glaciers, the most opposite climates, the most ecological zones where nest a fauna and a flora among the most diversified of the world. “

The Himalayas is home to 14 peaks over 8000 m high, including Mount Everest (8 848m), the highest of all. Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first to climb this mountain in 1953.

For the 40 million inhabitants of this region of Asia, the Himalaya evokes the divine. Nothing surprising. These mountains are so gigantic that by grazing the clouds they merge with the sky.

However this region is particularly unstable, China maintains its grip on Tibet and India and Pakistan have not yet managed to find common ground. Just a ” ceasefire “. We can not recommend a maximum of caution if you come to visit “the roof of the World”, rightly considered, as one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world.

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