Video: Prabhas’s film ‘Saaho’, his die hard fan died due to electrocution

Mumbai: For any fan, the release of his superstar’s film is nothing short of a festival for him. When in India, people worship their favorite star like God, especially the stars of South Indian film gets a lot of love from their fans. Be it Rajinikanth, Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan or Prabhas, his fans consider him a god. Recently something happened to one such fan that will shake you up inside. 

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Fans decorate cinema halls with posters, banners and garlands of their favorite stars and this is very common but a bad incident happened while Prabhas was putting up posters with his fans, which led to his death on the spot. On Wednesday, a fan of Prabhas named Venkatesh Nayak died of electrocution. The incident took place in a local cinema hall in Mahbubnagar. It is being said that Fan was trying to fix the banner and came in contact with the wire and the current was of such a high voltage that he died instantly. The fan standing above the cinema hall immediately fell to the ground. Police have started an investigation. 

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