why netflix ban in india

The hash tag of #BanNetflixInIndia has been trending on Twitter since the morning of September 6. Right now people are demanding a ban on Netflix, accusing Hindus of tarnishing the image of Hindus and India. Users are loudly demanding the ban of Netflix inside India on social media through their tweets. The issue gained momentum after Hindu activist and Shiv Sena IT cell member Ramesh Solanki filed a complaint at the police station accusing the web series of Sacred Games 2 of tarnishing the image of Hindus and India.

Many users tweeted, demanding that Netflix In India be banned in India. Where a user wrote that now enough is enough. Now the time has come for all of us Hindus to unite and tell that Hindu is not a doormat. If you want our money and want subscription from us then stop insulting us.

Mazinder Singh Sirsa targets Anurag Kashyap

At the same time, a tweet by Shiromani Akali Dal MLA Majinder Singh Sirsa was retweeted with a hash tag of #BanNetflixInIndia. Mazinder Singh Sirsa targeted Anurag Kashyap through his tweet. He wrote in his tweet, ‘I wonder why Bollywood disrespects our religious symbols! Anurag Kashyap has deliberately put this scene in # SacredGames2 where Saif Ali Khan threw his bracelet into the sea! Hard is not an ordinary ornament. It is the pride of the Sikhs and the blessings of Guru Sahib.

Watch the tweet of Majinder Singh Sirsa here…

Know what Hindu activist Ramesh Solanki said in his complaint?

Ramesh Solanki has alleged that Netflix’s show Sacred Games’, ‘Leela’, ‘Ghoul’ and Hassan Minhaj’s’ The Patriot Act ‘are tarnishing the image of Hindus and the nation. In the name of expression, Netflix is trying to spoil the image of Hindus in the world. This is his intention in every series. It has been mentioned in the complaint that in the Sacred Games it has been shown that the Hindu is responsible for all kinds of crimes across the world, even for the killings in America.

Here’s how the rest of the users expressed their protest against Netflix



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